Sunday 29 April, 2012

Review of Survey Software for the Classroom


I was recently asked by a selection of teachers from various disciplines to research which Survey Software would be suitable for educational application in the classroom.  As we are quickly becoming a mobile school, it was a requirement that the survey software be device agnostic  and able to easily export results for school reporting.

My recommendations are inconclusive dependent on the requirements of the individual teacher.  The reason I didn’t choose Lime Survey is they are too complicated for a “Quick Quiz” and for most teachers to modify on their own.

Google Docs Survey

I am a big fan of Google Docs.  They can be developed and shared easily and their level of reporting and graphing is fantastic.  The only downfall currently is that it is hard to incorporate graphics into your questions.  This is more concerning for some subjects over others.  Once the survey has been developed it is easy to share and modify, even on a mobile device.


eClicker is perfect if you would like to create a quick quiz at the beginning of your class with time constraints. You can create a pool of questions and group them based on a topic.  The downfall of this application is that it is not device agnostic and requires both students and teachers to have iOS devices.

Survey Software for the Classroom